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Aku+ is a scientifically tested, proved and patented product.

We have many independent laboratory and university test results for AKU+ and for our core technology PureBlack.

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Customer feedbacks

"It became faster!! Fascinating!!!"

"I stuck it on immediately at the shop and I was surprised on the speed. I was also surprised on the pop up of the map. I want to stick the next one on my wifi router at home."
"I bought one for my smartphone. I could feel the difference right in the palm of my hand: the phone did not heat up as much as before, so I came to buy another foil."
"The reaction time of my ISO6 (phone type), the whole phone, the home-screen, the map got faster when I stuck it on to my battery"
"I stuck two foils on my WIFI router as well and the battery did not heat up that much, neither my phone, though it is hard to avoid any increase of the heat."
"Comparing to before, I didn't feel any speed up on my phone. I put the foil on and the battery stood longer. I think it is useful."
Note! You may experience differently the effects of the AKU+ Battery Energising Foil on different electric devices. The types of a battery, the device, the age, and the energy level of the environment all affect the work of the foil.

What makes this foil so special?

The answer is our unique technology, called PureBlack.
PureBlack is created by using the latest nano-technology in Japan. It is a combination of organic and inorganic materials and has unique physical characteristic.
PureBlack has received the highest health safety qualification. Because of its positive effects it is used in many industries Worldwide like cosmetics, clothing, etc.
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What is PureBlack?

As a result of a 20 year long research - exploiting nanotechnology-benefits - Japanese scientists managed to put together a natural, mineral combination, containing microporosus crystal particles – called PureBlack. This active substance is a patented mineral powder that we apply into one layer of the AKU+ foil.
PureBlack is an environmental friendly substance, which has passed several tests that were made by organizations measuring human, animal and vegetal safety. The research of Japanese scientists resulted in success: they managed to produce a substance that is capable of absorbing high amount of radiation, and reflecting it back at 7µ – 12µ wavelength into its environment. This is known to have a very positive effect – of course, it is determined by the energy of the surroundings, but the effect is continuous while PureBlack is applied. No power-source is needed; therefore it is not location specific.
PureBlack received the INCI code from CTFA (Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association), and was also named as an EXCEPTIONALLY SAFE SUBSTANCE, without any harmful side-effects.
Few of the ingredients: Clay, Titanium-dioxide, Iron oxide, Lignin.

Bulk density
0,2-2,1 g/m
Specific surface area 1-2000 m2/g
Porosity 30-70%
Thermal conductance 0,1-200 W/(m*k)
Ash 0,2-50%
Specific absorption 5-200 mg/g
Thermal expansion coefficient 0,2-40 10*-6/k
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Energy emission graph of the PureBlack in 25-30°C
It seems that the PureBlack mineral composition exhibits extra emission energy between 980 cm-1 and 2500 cm-1 compared to the theoretical emission curve of a blackbody at room temperature. This surprising effect can be explained as follows: presumably the energy absorbed by the sample on lower wavelengths is emitted at higher wavelengths. This effect is very common in emitted energy the UV-Visible spectral region, called photoluminescence, but it can be a very rare phenomenon in the infrared region.